Gail Mitchell

About Me

I love photography! I have been using my camera for the last 25 years to capture fleeting moments in my life, mostly of my daughter, our family and our friends. Photography was only a hobby while I focused on being a good mother and a full-time environmental scientist and manager for the US Environmental Protection Agency. Now that my daughter is grown and my first career ended, I am free to pursue photography as a full-time endeavor. I consider myself primarily a landscape and travel photographer, although I will pull my camera out at any opportunity, including for portraits and weddings. My husband and I love to travel and are visiting as many of the natural wonders of the world as possible. There is so much beauty on this grand planet, and we want to see and capture it all. I hope you find something you like on my site.  

Larger Collections of My Work

I capture a lot of images, and I maintain these in albums for my clients, friends, and family. For a view of a larger collection of my work by the event I am photographing, click on the folder to the right, The Larger Collections.   

Contact Me:

I have always been inspired by natural beauty and how it moves me emotionally. I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico where my extended family would camp on the beach. As a child, I climbed the magnificent live oaks, and as a young college student, I backpacked to remote locations and camped by flowing brooks in forested mountains. Now as an adult with a passion for photography I am still drawn to nature. When looking through my body of work for my most compelling images, I see my work in the context of themes that reflect my photographic passion. These themes relate to the movement of water, the colors of the sky, reflections of beauty, geologic wonders, the grandeur of flowers and gardens, the splendor of trees, darling critters, and majestic moments. You will find my best work in these themes by clicking on the folder above, "My Best Images."