Heceta Head

I am an award-winning Atlanta-based photographer and currently the Vice President and Exhibition Chair of the Southeastern Photographic Society (SPS). My images have been displayed in a number of gallery exhibitions in the Southeast.

Photography, for me, is a magical medium because anything is possible. You can transform an image of a simple object or a grand landscape into a work of graphic art or expressionistic reality just through your moment-in-time capture of light, and the use of today’s modern editing tools. I’m finding as I progress as a photographer that I am drawn more and more to the slight manipulations that make many of my images a little more artistic, slightly more painterly. My photographic goal has always been to create images with mystery and beauty, usually of the natural world that slow a viewer down for a moment in order to study the image more closely. In this day of fast-moving technology where we are constantly bombarded with images, I view success as that delay of the swipe, the moment that someone pauses and thinks, even momentarily, about my image. Has it brought them a moment of joy or peace or contemplation? I hope so.

My goal has always been to create two-dimensional art with beauty and interest that simplifies the three-dimensional world around us; images we can have on our walls or on our device that remind us of calm and beauty amid a world otherwise in disturbing change and confusion. All of my images are captured in color, but I’m finding as I progress, that the removal of color in the editing process can bring out a more fundamental beauty, where color no longer influences the feeling, but where line, shape, form and contrast dominate.

I hope you enjoy my images.

Gail D. Mitchell

Untitled photo